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Monday, 2 November 2015
Law Based on Man's Will
Our governments federal, state and local are failing the people they are meant to protect.

The governments on this continent were established under a Christian basis of law the Mosaic covenant / the Ten Commandments. But over the past two centuries, we have devolved from a theocentric (God centered) system of law to an anthropocentric (man centered) system of law. Man has become his own god the chief determiner of what is good or bad.

Monuments which honor those Ten Commandments have been covered, removed and destroyed across the Empire. Such is our shame. And in their place we have erected laws whose foundations have been men's opinions.

The obvious down-side to this was written millennia ago in Cato's Letters "The world is governed by men, and men by their passions; which, being boundless and insatiable, are always terrible when they are not controlled."

The only control to men's opinions and passions have been the absolutes of Biblical Law.

"All law is the product of will and command. The fundamental question is: Whose Will? Whose command?" Archie P. Jones (no relation to the SNC Chairman)

This past summer, the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage confirmed that we have degenerated from worshipping and obeying the Creator to worshipping and obeying the creation. Evil has been commanded as legal and good has been ignored and vilified.

We are also in a battle in many communities over Sharia law. Sharia is again just another man-made set of commands promoted by a sin-loving "prophet."

If we are to continue as a society which respects life and protects women and children, we must profess and adamantly adhere to the basics of Biblical law. The alternative is the death of our culture.

Continuing to build our system of law upon ourselves means that we are declaring ourselves equal to God. The last community which did that built a tower and were scattered.

This issue will be discussed and a pronouncement made at the upcoming session of the Southern National Congress. The legitimacy of the Empire is at stake. Unless there is change, it has already signed its death warrant by rejecting the Creator.

From Solitude,
David O Jones



Posted on 11/02/2015 4:45 PM by David O Jones
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Samuel Adams


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