The Eighth session of the Southern National Congress will be held Friday and Saturday, 13 & 14 November 2015. We will be returning to the site of both SNC-3 & SNC-4, Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson, Tennessee.

Those who wish to be a delegate to this session need to contact their State's Chairman either to confirm their delegate status or to apply for such. Registration for Attendance as either a Delegate or Observer is here.

Room reservations can be made individually by calling the park at 615.797.3101.


Day of Repentance & Prayer

Proclamation of 3rd April, 2015
As a Day of Repentance and Prayer
For the Southern Nation

Southerners! We have sinned against Almighty God.

The Southern National Congress calls upon the people of the South—a people who believe that the Lord reigns, and that His overruling Providence orders all things—to unite in prayer and humble submission under His chastening hand, and to beseech His favor on our suffering Southland.

It is good that when trials and reverses of liberty befall us we should seek to take home to our hearts and consciences the lessons which they teach, and profit by the self-examination for which they prepare us. Personal successes have made us self-confident and forgetful of our reliance on Him; the love of money has eaten like a gangrene into the very heart of the land, converting too many among us into worshippers of gain and rendering them unmindful of their duty to their country, to their fellow-men, and to their God. Who then will presume to complain when we are chastened, or despair of our just cause of liberty, and the protection of our Heavenly father?

Let us rather receive in humble thankfulness the lessons which He teaches us, devoutly acknowledging that to Him, and not to our own feeble arms, are due the honor and the glory of victory; that from Him, in His paternal providence, come the anguish and sufferings of defeats and failures, and that, whether in victory or defeat, our humble supplications are due at His footstool.

Now, therefore, I, David O Jones, as Chairman of the Southern National Congress, do issue this proclamation setting apart Good Friday, the 3rd day of April 2015, as a day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer; and I do hereby invite the people of the Southern States to repair on that day to their respective places of public worship. And to unite in supplication for the favor and protection of that God who has hitherto conducted us safely through all the dangers that attended us.

We also call upon the Governors, Legislatures, and Congregations of the southern States to join in proclaiming and observing the appointed day of repentance and prayer for the southern Nation.


MOVING ON - report on SNC-7

The Southern National Congress, Session Seven was held 1 November 2014 at the General Morgan Inn in Greeneville, Tennessee. Eight of our fourteen States were represented with delegates (two States have no active delegation).

Officers were elected for the next two-year term: David O Jones (TN) as Chairman, Mark Thomey (AL) as Vice-Chairman, Sam Nelson (AL) as Treasurer, Dr. Gerald Burnett (VA) as Finance Chairman and Assistant Treasurer, Bob Hines (SC) as Parliamentarian, and Robert Mills (MO) as Chaplain.

The major point of business was that declining attendance at the sessions has been attributed to a number of delegates believing that we have not been accomplishing anything of significance. We have suffered under a lack of direction and the absence of a goal. The delegates at SNC-7 settled that.

The Southern National Congress has set the goal of 1 November 2034 by which every State of the SNC will have declared their independence from the Empire. We also established specific activity and goals for each year until independence is achieved.  We will not publish those specifics, but will communicate them privately to every delegate who wishes to be active in achieving independence for their State.

As your Chairman stated last year, “Let the dogs bark, the caravan is moving on!”

As a side note: A twenty year goal seems to be distant and some of us will not live to see it, but the defenders of the Alamo did not see Texan independence either and none of us would diminish their contribution and sacrifice for Texas. (The Texas delegation declared that Texas would lead the way this time.)

Contact your State Chairman or the SNC Chairman David Jones for the opportunity to get active in the cause.



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Worth Quoting

If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.  We ask not your counsels nor your arms.  Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.  May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

Samuel Adams


What is liberty without wisdom and without virtue?   

Edmund Burke