MOVING ON - report on SNC-7

The Southern National Congress, Session Seven was held 1 November 2014 at the General Morgan Inn in Greeneville, Tennessee. Eight of our fourteen States were represented with delegates (two States have no active delegation).

Officers were elected for the next two-year term: David O Jones (TN) as Chairman, Mark Thomey (AL) as Vice-Chairman, Sam Nelson (AL) as Treasurer, Dr. Gerald Burnett (VA) as Finance Chairman and Assistant Treasurer, Bob Hines (SC) as Parliamentarian, and Robert Mills (MO) as Chaplain.

The major point of business was that declining attendance at the sessions has been attributed to a number of delegates believing that we have not been accomplishing anything of significance. We have suffered under a lack of direction and the absence of a goal. The delegates at SNC-7 settled that.

The Southern National Congress has set the goal of 1 November 2034 by which every State of the SNC will have declared their independence from the Empire. We also established specific activity and goals for each year until independence is achieved.  We will not publish those specifics, but will communicate them privately to every delegate who wishes to be active in achieving independence for their State.

As your Chairman stated last year, “Let the dogs bark, the caravan is moving on!”

As a side note: A twenty year goal seems to be distant and some of us will not live to see it, but the defenders of the Alamo did not see Texan independence either and none of us would diminish their contribution and sacrifice for Texas. (The Texas delegation declared that Texas would lead the way this time.)

Contact your State Chairman or the SNC Chairman David Jones for the opportunity to get active in the cause.


1 July 2014

The Seventh session of the Southern National Congress will be held on 31 October and 1 November 2014 at the General Morgan Inn in Greeneville, Tennessee.

You may now call the Inn at 423 787-1000 to reserve your accomodations.
Mention the Southern National Congress for a reduced room rate.

Further information will be coming in the next few weeks.


Report on the Sixth Session

Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville, Tennessee

1-3 November 2013

The sixth session of the Southern National Congress was a smashing success!

We received an outstanding amount of press coverage in the two days leading up to it. The media was alerted to the Congress by a Marxist group called the Tennessee Anti-Racist Network. Their intent was to cause us grief, but they could not have done us a greater service.

One of the two speakers scheduled to speak quickly backed out and lied about various facts concerning his actions. We are happy to learn of Rep. Matheny's lack of integrity before we started to support him in the next legislative session.

On the other hand, Senator Frank Niceley appeared and presented his proposed legislation for the nomination of US Senators by the State's legislative caucuses. While the actual elections would be by vote of the citizens as called for by the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, changing the nomination process would make the Senators more aware of their responsibility to represent the State rather than their deep-pocket contributors.

A Knoxville News Sentinal article on Monday (4 Nov), reported that Senator Niceley "said he found those on hand for the event to be 'a well-mannerd, well-read group of Southern historians.'" Likewise, the delegates to the SNC found Senator Niceley to be a relaxed, home-spun gentleman who is intellectually astute, well-read, and articulate.

The Congress passed four resolutions (full text on Actions in Congress page):

1) to promote Senator Niceley's legislation to all fourteen of our member States;

2) to encourage State legislatures to set aside reserves in gold and silver;

3) to encourage Southern families to get out of debt and set aside savings in gold and silver; and

4) to encourage Southern famlies to purchase firearms and ammunition for the protection of the selves and their communities.

The delegates also reviewed a proposed constitution which could be used as a blueprint for the formation of a new Southern Republic when that day comes.

While the delegates and observers put heart and soul into the work of the Congress, they also had several opportunities to relax and get to know each other better. We are all looking forward to the growth of the Congress and to further opportunities to represent our Southern neighbours.


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Worth Quoting

If liberty is to be saved, it will not be by doubters, men of science, or materialists; it will be by religious conviction, by the faith of the individuals who believe that God wills men to be free.
--Henri Amiel
(Swiss philosopher)